Zolani Sophungela

Zolani Sophungela

Zolani Siphungela was born in Eastern Cape in 1986. From an Early age Zolani expressed his talent for art by drawing in sand and on objects that surrounded him. The teenager began sketching from his imagination and later honed his skills by completing a Diploma in Fine Art at Walter Sisulu University. 

He has participated on a number of prominent group and solo exhibitions. Siphungela has taken time off from his studies to work independently from his own studio.

Largely storytelling motivated, his work explores collage, painting, print making and drawing to articulate concepts of both global and local eye. He recalls listening to his uncles discussing politics as he grew up and recognizes the importance of continuing the conversation in contemporary discourse and sees art as one way of making these conversations more accessible.

In 2010 he became the second recipient of the World Art Residency Program at World Art Gallery in Cape Town where he had a solo exhibition. In 2014 he took part in a group exhibition in New York and won the honourable David Koloane Award in Johannesburg, followed in 2015 by a documentary tour to Israel and an exhibition at the Palestine Museum in Cape Town.

Zolani has been involved in Community services teaching kids art in and around the ghettos and now commits to continue levelling art with his life, as if it were a flow of nature.



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