Ulric Roberts

Ulric Roberts

Ulric Roberts, also known as Namasun, is a visual artist from Namaqualand. His studio is currently in his hometown of Concordia.

His inspiration comes from “SY KOM VANDAAN”, His Roots! Commonly known to the world as Namaqualand, this region is well known for its natural wild flowers, Granite Mountains, Quiver Trees, Copper mining and the legends of the Nama People. The artist’s explorations of the Namaqua space and landscape, brought forth his spiritual connection to the land and its people.

With the opening of his second solo exhibition “INTROSPECTION”, he introduced himself to the world as Namasun. Ulric describes his chosen artists name, Namasun, as shining a light on his roots and the landscape of Namaqualand. After this fourth solo exhibitions in Cape Town he moved back to Namaqualand in 2002 to establish himself as an artist there. His interests in Khoi and San Mythologies and his own indigenous roots allowed him to explore what he calls Dreamtime Expression.

Namasun started to play the didgeridoo, an ancient Aboriginal instrument, in 1996 and this had a profound influence on his art development. He looked for inspiration to the Australian Aboriginal peoples art and music and from that he developed his own unique pointillists expressive mark.

The DBSA (Development Bank Of Southern Africa) hosted the 2005 Soul of Africa International Arts Exhibition, which he participated in. In 2007 he was invited by SANAVA (South African National Association of Visual Arts) to exhibit in one of their international shows.

In 2019 his artwork was taken into the William Humphreys Art Gallery’s collection.
Ulric is also known as performer and storyteller. He is passionate about Namaqualand and the preservation of this unique environment.



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