Sophie Peters

Sophie Peters

Born June 23, 1968 in Johannesburg later moving from Kliptown to Cape Town, where she became a full-time student at the Community Arts Project, going on to teach at CAP in 1994. As an educator, Sophie has taught in a variety of places and organizations including the Child Welfare Society, the People’s Centre in Nyanga East, the Sakhile Children’s Art Project in Mitchells Plain, the Visual Arts Group at Luyolo Community Centre in Gugulethu as well as numerous other projects and workshops for children and adults alike.  

A diverse artist in her own right, Sophie has produced work in various mediums from linocuts to cast iron, sculpture to oil paintings. Peters has exhibited both nationally and internationally and in recent years her works has been featured in several major South African exhibitions including “Peace for South Africa” in Switzerland ( 1995), “Woman on South Africa” (1995) in the Paarl Museum and ‘South African Artist” (1990) in London just to name a few. When asked about her artistic influences she replied, “My work is an expression of myself. I am not really influenced by any one artist but only by my own particular experiences.

An avid muralist, Sophie Peters has contributed her skills back to the community many times over including several in the Cape Town area as well as four murals in London co-designed with other participating South Africa artist for the Zabalaza festival in 1990. Seemingly, her work has extended commercially in which she has been noted extensively in South African magazines like Femina and Sarie and was published in subsequent calendars from Caltex and collected by the South African National Gallery.



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