Ngqiqo Ruxwana

Ngqiqo Ruxwana

Ngqiqo Ruxwana is mostly a self-taught upcoming visual artist who majors in ceramic arts. Born in kuQumbu, Eastern Cape in the former Transkei region, he gained a Craft Enterprises learnership at P.E college which included ceramics and jewellery for a period of 12 months and now focusses on ceramics.

Ngqiqo is inspired by life in general, rural scenery and landscapes and expresses his views and admiration of rural life through clay carving, paint and oxidized surfaces.

Ngqiqo has exhibited at Alliance Francaise, ArtEC gallery, Nelson Mandela University, Nelson Mandela Museum and National Arts Festival through ArtEC.

“I like incorporating my own village clay into my creative processes. My creative techniques would be a full time coiler and partly throwing and working with slabs. I also have my own social commentary ceramic pieces where I use clay and my creativity to express my thoughts on a particular social subject.”



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