Ludwe Mgolombane

Ludwe Mgolombane

Ludwe Mgolombane (born1984, Umtata, South Africa) makes ceramic sculptures. Mgolombane uses the human form as his primary subject and clay as the medium. His work is inspired by people and how they are affected by the current social, cultural and political contexts.

Ludwe Mgolombane received art training from the P.E. College School of Art and Design and the Nelson Mandela University School of Music, Art and Design.

The technique that Mgolombane employs give his ceramic sculptures a distinct and identifiable appeal. His process includes mixing of clay with any organic, combustible materials such as leaves, straw, etc. The combustible materials burn away during firing, leaving a mark on the clay surface to create a texture. Different oxides are then used to accentuate the textures.

His work has appeared in a number of group exhibitions nationally. He has exhibited at the Absa Gallery, Johannesburg as one of the selected top 100 Absa L’Atelier in 2012. In 2013 he was invited to exhibit in the Design Indaba, Cape Town. He showed his work at the Albany Museum, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown as the featured artist for the year of 2017, and also appeared in the RMB Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg in 2019 and was winner of Lithuba Lakho Art Competition in 2020.



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