Khaya Sineyile

Khaya Sineyile

Khaya Sineyile (born 1983) is a primarily self-taught Artist born in New Cross Roads, Nyanga, Cape Town. He attended the Art and Media Access Center (AMAC) from 2004 to 2005 and was selected as a residency artist at Greatmore Studios in 2009 and later that year he was selected to do short term residency at Souk Waqif Art Centre in Doha Qatar.

Sineyile has participated in more than 50 group show local and internationally. His 4th solo exhibition “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Do No Evil” was held at 99 Loop gallery, Cape Town in 2016.

With his recent work, Khaya Sineyile takes issue with far-reaching effects of social inequality particular on South African structure. Using common household objects in juxtaposition with his single subject he gives a voice to the voiceless, creating discussion around family issues of ten kept secrets, such as paternity test and child grant.

His subjects matter ranges from township scenes to more introspective art, referencing children games and observations on religious hypocrisy, faction-fighting and witchcraft. His confident brush marks and considered pallet convey a rawness which he contrasts with cartoon-like outlines which removes the figure from the background and introduces an element of playfulness and humour to the often loaded subject matter.



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