Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus (b 1956) is a visual artist and musician whose work focuses on SA`s indigenous people, the KhoiSan, which is his heritage. Originally from the Eastern Cape he now lives and works in Kraaifontein (outside Cape Town). He taught at the Zonnebloem Art Centre, District Six in Cape Town, from 1982-1997.

He is one of the founders of Greatmore Street Artists Studio, and the Thupelo Artists Workshop. One of his large-scale mural artworks is included in an installation depicting first peoples of the Western Cape at Artscape Theatre, Cape Town. His audio installation, Autshomato, is at the Robben Island Museum (Nelson Mandela Gateway, Cape Town).

Garth is part of the activist music and poetry group, Khoi Khonnexion, who toured European music theatre festivals in 2018-19 with the production House of Falling Bones on the Namibian genocide of the Nama people by the German colonialists. He is also part of the free-jazz groupings As Is and Riempie Vasmaak. 



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