Allen Kupeta

Allen Kupeta

Allen Kupeta is a full time professional visual artist specializing in painting and drawing with his medium of choice being acrylic paint on canvas. Born in 1979, he received an artistic education at the Vega school of visual art and communication in Benmore Gardens, Sandton. He has participated in exhibitions around South Africa and USA since 2007 and been awarded various prizes including emerging artist at the “black like me“ group exhibition 2010

 “My story life is inspired with the township life that i see and live every day. I depict and portray a scenario of women carrying bags on their heads, men going to work using bikes, kids playing, people waiting for the bus or taxi, standing in a line or socializing around the spaza-shops, with every brush mark helping me to tell my story with the use of big and familiar brands like Coke , Surf and so on.”



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