African Art is a non-profit initiative dedicated to promoting the talents and artwork of selected African Artists through a virtual platform dedicated to a celebration and preservation of Africa and African heritage through visual art.
This artist-friendly platform is dedicated to championing established and new talent in an accessible, inclusive and transparent approach making sure that artists are getting their fair share of recognition across the continent and beyond. African Art Group is a portal for African art creatives to showcase their talents but also functions as a hub for creating community driven events. This platform combines artists from diverse cultures and regions on a single portal managed by African ACES – the African Arts, Culture, Education & Sports Trust, a registered NPO.
African Art Group aims to become the first and most important not-for-profit art platform for Southern African cultural artists and is striving to be a significant generator of income and resources to rural and urban cultural artists across the continent.
Our roots are digital. We recognize and understand the value of the potential that exists in the digital landscape. Traditional art galleries have long adhered to the conventional expository format to reach art collectors. The digital revolution provides unique opportunities to connect our artists and their works with art lovers from all over the world. The Internet and social media continue to facilitate a democratization of media casting opportunities. We extend these new communication channels to our artists as a way to ease and broaden their reach to existing and for the discovery of new art collectors.
Managed by African Aces Trust, African Art Group benefits from the trust’s vast experience of documentary film productions, an audio-visual approach which has been employed as a way to enrich the proximity of art lovers on the site to the featured artists. Visitors are afforded the opportunity for a more intimate understanding and engagement of the faces and minds behind the artworks. This uniquely positions the African Art Group platform to encourage a much more meaningful relationships between artists and art lovers and develop relationships that go beyond transactional aspirations but rather yield richer human to human connections that have depth and meaning.

Through the various mini docies on the platform, each featured artist tells their stories to a community of art lovers in a way that triggers both intellectual and emotional resonance. They share stories that inspire, resonate and convey emotions with their audience on a human level which elicits and strengthen real connections. This aids people to better relate to the artists and the stories that they are trying to communicate through art.

The platform’s foundation and values are centred on the African philosophy of Ubuntu. This is the compass through which African Art Group is led to ensure fairness and transparency for both the artists and art collectors alike.

The African Arts
Culture  Education and Sports Trust

Co-founded in 2012 by renowned author and literary academic Dr Sindiwe Magona and veteran filmmaker Bjorn Rudner, in order to harness the knowledge and motivation of leading African “aces” and transfer this knowledge through the power of television, radio, print and new media – to inspire and empower individuals and communities to create a better future.

 African ACES Trust is a BBBEE Level 2 Contributor and is a registered Non Profit Organisation

Film & Video Production

On selection of the artist, a dedicated and highly experienced production crew will film a profile of the artist, producing video inserts and social media promotions to be exposed through instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube – all of which will widely promote the artists on the platform. The exposure will encourage and facilitate sales of the art through the website and will be targeted to international and local art lovers, collectors and interior design industry.

Our professional film crew is available for filming events, documentaries, actuality or promotional videos through our organisation.

Our Funding

African ACES Trust and is grateful for assistance with funding from the National Arts Council (NAC) in the form of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Package (PESP) which provided project funding and grants for commission of artworks from our artists, which will be marketed through the platform and the proceeds used to assist in extending our artist base and gaining sustainability for the artists.


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